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The Fool on the Hill

I love this show

Ah! My Goddess! -
A very sweet show about three goddesses / sisters. Keiichi accidendally called a godess company, and then becomes destined to Belldandy, one of the godesses. OF COURSE, her sisters Skuld and Urd get in the way. This anime coud have a lot more suspense, but any anime show with cat fights and bitchslaps is good in my book! 92%

Bubblegum Crisis -
An exciting vision of what the future holds. I love this show. Four hot babes, sent out to defent the world of biological / technilogical misfits, called boomers. They fight in metal HARDsuits, (that's how they write it) that totally kick.This anime has great action, great music, but it really could be much more dramatic also. 93%

Blue Submarine No. 6 -
This show expiriments with computer animation, but since the animation cost so much, they could only make 4 episodes.(that's my theory at least) That is one of the few downfalls of the show. it is after the time that the oceans have risen, and man called Zorndike is oing to shift the polls of earth, and screw everything up big time. The Blue Submarine number 6 is the only hope for mankind. this anime could be a lot longer, and much more detailed. 84%

Cardcaptor Sakura -
A cheerful children's show with a more serious, stronger, power, but very beautiful at the same time. Sakura is in her attic (or bastment) and finds a magical book. She opens it and then reads the first card. "Windy"...This lets all of the clow cards free, and their amazing magical power is realeased to run amok the plantet. She then finds out from a rat-type-animal that is the guardian of the magical book that she was destined to become a cardcaptor, and with her rival Li, they catch the clow cards. This show is a little too much of a little kids show a times, and it quite annoying, but I recommend it for beginning anime fans. 87%

Dragon Ball Z -
A classic anime saga of good and evil, lots of kung-fu-fighting. Goku, who is the strongest fighter in the universe, and his son Gohan are the leaders of a group called the Z fighters, and they beat the crap out of monsters like Cell and Frieza. In this show evil will bacome allies, and allies become evil. sometimes there is nothing in the show but fighting, and it gets really crappy. Also, the animation doesn't show a lot of talent for whoever made it. 85%

Digimon -
Though mostly thought of as a children's show, this show seems to be a for a more-grown-up audience at times. Very good plot, but rushed along because of it's quality. Seven kids were sucked into the digital world because they are digi-destined. They meet their loyal digimon there, short for digital monsters, and fight evil for many more episodes to come. I like this show, and I always seem to enjoy it even though I'm so old to be watching...88%

Neon Genesis Evangelion -
A classic anime about angels invading earth to start the third impact, or what bacomes the destrucion of earth. The three pilots of the evas are strange kids, and when they start to fight angels regularly, they become depressed. I dunno why, but it really seems to mess up one boy, Shinji Ikari, who's dad is the head of NERV operations, and he hates Shinji. Shinji Whines a lot. This show is a perfect mix of everything you could want in an anime, it has action, mecha, drama, and comedy. 90%

Serial Experiments Lain -
Please go to my Lain page for this review....ok?

Magic Knight Rayearth -
A magic trip thought the world of cephiro with three loveable girls from Tokyo. Fuu, Hikaru, and Umi got sucked into the world of cephiro and became the Magic Knights. They then had to fight for the world, and their magical adventures ae the first series. This show is meant for little kids, but I like it anyway. They get chibi a lot, and just from that you can tell it's not very dramatic. If you are a Sailor Moon Fan, or pokemon and digmon, I'd reccommend it. 86% Very scary in Spanish!

Pokemon - Ever though some son't consider it anime, this is a very lighthearted show, and sometimes amusing and fun. I don't really want to talk about the plot, but I'll tell you if you like somewhat repetitive animes with little kid themes, this show is for you. 80%